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KLN90 FPL 0 page not scrolling

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Topic: KLN90 FPL 0 page not scrolling
Posted By: PaulSim
Subject: KLN90 FPL 0 page not scrolling
Date Posted: December-31-2020 at 6:18am
I've gone through the real-world manuals for the KLN90 and been very impressed with the considerable amount which has been replicated in the Flight One BN-2 Islander. However, there is one aspect which appears not to be working and I'm not sure if it's me Confused

Most of the time I'd like to use the common setup of FPL 0 on the left of the screen and NAV 5 on the right. On takeoff FPL 0 correctly shows the first five waypoints and the destination, and during the flight each leg is correctly indicated until I reach the fifth waypoint. At that stage I expect the screen to scroll so that the current leg is indicated but, sadly, the screen remains on the first five waypoints and the leg indicator disappears.

The KLN90 continues to follow the flight plan and I still have the NAV 5 updating; I just can't see the current leg on FPL 0.

Can anyone confirm whether or not the Flight One KLN90 scrolls as with the real-world version? Perhaps I'm missing a setting somewhere, but the manuals seem to suggest that FPL 0 should scroll automatically so that the current leg is always visible.

Posted By: USN O6
Date Posted: January-01-2021 at 10:39am
I'll check this and post back.


Posted By: USN O6
Date Posted: January-02-2021 at 10:47am
Found the following pilot's guide:" rel="nofollow -
From that guide:
"If the flight plan contains more waypoints than can be displayed on the screen at one time, the page will automatically scroll as progress is made along the flight plan so that the active leg is always displayed."
I don't know if that function was modeled, and at this point in the life of the sim I doubt any additional updates will be made.
There seems to be a workaround:
"If there are more than five waypoints in the flight plan, the first four waypoints will then be displayed followed by the last waypoint in the flight plan. Rotate the left outer knob to move the cursor and manually scroll to see the missing intermediate waypoints."
Have you tried the manual scroll?


Posted By: PaulSim
Date Posted: January-02-2021 at 11:03am
Hi Jim.

Many thanks for the reply. It wasn't until after I'd fired off this post that I began pondering on whether it might be possible to scroll manually, but I've not had chance to check the manuals since or try another flight.

I'll have a go over the next few days and report back for anyone else who may be interested.

Posted By: PaulSim
Date Posted: January-06-2021 at 3:36pm
Hi Jim. Finally got to fly and try out the KLN90 again, and with your help I think I've cracked the problem caused by the lack of automatic scrolling on the PLN 0 page.

With PLN 0 on the left and NAV 5 on the right I click the left CRSR button. The left outer knob nows runs up and down the full list of waypoints. I need to highlight the waypoint I want to appear in the fourth position down out of six on the PLN 0 page (a bit odd, but it works). Once highlighted, I simply click the left CRSR button again to return to the PLN 0 page with the waypoints I need now in view.

By the way: turning the left outer knob clockwise without clicking the CRSR button changes the display to Super NAV 5, which is ideal for checking details of the next waypoint - time/distance/groundspeed etc.

Many thanks for helping me to sort out this issue, Jim.

Posted By: USN O6
Date Posted: January-06-2021 at 4:11pm
Good to hear you have it sorted!


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