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[ANSWERED] GEX Asia & S America

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Topic: [ANSWERED] GEX Asia & S America
Posted By: gmcraib
Subject: [ANSWERED] GEX Asia & S America
Date Posted: May-26-2020 at 6:20pm
I've found myself directed here after emailing flight 1 and seeing it bounce, then attempting to raise a ticket via customer service, now here.  So hopefully someone can help.
I was trying to install GEX Asia & S. America today but at the point of verifying the license it failed.  Now I can't run GEX at all as it detect license issue in this module. I already have GEX USA & Europe, they installed fine.  All are world edition as I understand that is important.
They are all from DVD and 2013 (except Europe 2015).  Can't tell you the versions as they are no longer shown in the interface due to this problem. (I think GEX USA v1.096 or something like that)
I also have UTX - USA.
I was planning on updating to the latest once I have acquired as much of the series as possible installed and working.

Posted By: gmcraib
Date Posted: May-26-2020 at 6:25pm
I should also say, I think the flight 1 products are really good, but am finding some of this a tad frustrating and confusing.
But also have followed Nick N's bible for years, having recently re-installed windows after my last PC died.  I am away to re-install it again as I have an issue with the printer that I can't fix and some other things I should have done at install.  But was hoping to install these in FSX, essentially using it as a 'test' build.

Posted By: NickN
Date Posted: May-26-2020 at 6:44pm
If this Windows 10 you can not install anything without "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" even if UAC is turned off or the license files may not install. You cant run the GEX Interface without "Run As Administrator"
There is not frustrating about it. DVD's were discontinued years ago as was clearly posted in the GEX support forum and need to convert DVD's to download because updates from that long ago will not work. You are going back 7 years.
So first, uninstall GEX Asia/SA from Windows, then you can try to open the DVD and right click the installer and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and see if that helps
However I will tell you right now, updates past DVD's are not available. Because of the massive changes to GEX since then all of your GEX products need to be the most recent DOWNLOAD version which you are entitled to.
So we need to start there..   and I will move the topic to the GEX support forum where it belongs.
I need to know what OS you are using and then what source ALL of your GEX versions is coming from be it DVD or download because if they are DVD, they all have to go and be replaced.


Posted By: gmcraib
Date Posted: May-27-2020 at 4:54am
Hi Nick,
First of all thanks for responding so quickly.
Second of all I can't begin to comment on the wonderful bible and supporting info you have put together.  Truly amazing.  Even if you don't want to run FSX and were just going to build a decent windows install!  Truly amazing.
I'm on Windows 7, will never go onto Windows 10.  When I can no longer use Windows 7 I will go onto Linux.
I can assure you it is frustrating, trying to get something to work that refuses to!
It is also confusing for me as you say things have developed and there are numerous different ways to install.
Yes I plan to download the later updates once I get these working.
Actually I have just realised I read the last part of your message wrong.
So I download the version I have on DVD (eg for free?) and then can later update (paid/discount)?

Posted By: NickN
Date Posted: May-27-2020 at 7:33pm
I will get with you tomorrow. I was out today.
If you uninstall Asia and South America from Windows through Programs and features and then reboot, does the GEX interface then start and if so what versions of GEX Europe and GEX USA are displayed in the VERISON column.


Posted By: gmcraib
Date Posted: June-01-2020 at 4:36am
I've also been fairly busy :)
Just uninstalled GEX again and checked the interface - USA is v1.096 and EU is v2.40.
So it sounds like I should install GEX from download version, certainly for Asia/S.America.  Should I consider reinstalling the above GEX aswell in the same manner?

Posted By: NickN
Date Posted: June-01-2020 at 4:37pm
OK, So we have established that the issue with the license problem is when GEX ASA is installed from the DVD and it works with it uninstalled.
I am going to give you the full tour here so you understand what is going on and how to get set back up with the latest using step-by-step
First, that license fail shouldn't happen. So either something is blocking the license file from being installed from the DVD, or, the DVD is not licensed from a proper source. Usually the problem something blocking the license files from being installed. If you were able to install GEX ASA in the past with your setup and it worked, then I would say that is the issue. If you never installed it in the past and never confirmed it worked in the past, then there could be another problem.
The current version of GEX Europe is 2.60 and the current version of GEX ASA is 1.30. If you click CHECK FOR UPDATES right now you will find on the updates page that the link for GEX Europe for updates goes to the FULL DOWNLOAD products and not patches.
GEX NA 1.096 will automatically update to version 2.20 once GEX ASA 1.30 is installed AND that requires GEX Europe 2.60 to be sure all regions are in sync.
Above is the explanation and it was completely outlined and laid out in this announcement at the top of the forum:" rel="nofollow -
That post explains step by step how to upgrade. DVD's were phased out over 7 years ago and replaced with downloads, and, we understood some people may not have converted their DVD's to download over time for different reasons so that post it explains how to do so.
Here is your specific procedure from that update post:
NOTE: LEAVE GEX NORTH AMERICA ALONE..  do not download or install the latest version. It will be automatically upgraded with the addition of GEX ASA.
A. IF YOUR CURRENT GEX EUROPE is from a DVD and was never a full download with key/password you must first convert that DVD to download. You can use the automated Flight1 system to do so for GEX Europe:" rel="nofollow -
From there and after conversion, go to STEP 1 below.
B. IF YOUR CURRENT GEX EUROPE was from a full download with key/password, you must download the latest full download version and use your original key/password to install it. Go to Step 1 below 
1. Once complete, download the latest full version (2.60) of GEX Europe to a folder on the desktop (both files):

Ground Environment X Europe v2.60" rel="nofollow - MD5: 609d1661c6fbb79032439da9a027f8ba               CRC-32: ad182b87" rel="nofollow -  
MD5: 7eb1cd8e31eed461786600b6619e4f24               CRC-32: 7b4ab27

GEX EU Hash Check Files:" rel="nofollow - -  

2. Open the GEX interface and select to DISABLE GEX EUROPE in FSX. Once complete close the interface...
Uninstall GEX EUROPE 2.40 from Windows through Programs and Features. Once complete Decompress the latest GEX Europe 2.60 using the CLICK HERE TO REINSTALL BUTTON and use your key/password to install into Windows.
Open the GEX interface, confirm it starts and that GEX Europe displays version 2.60. You can opt to go ahead and ENABLE in FSX. Once complete close the GEX interface.
3. Unfortunately there is no DVD to DOWNLOAD automated system for GEX ASA. Flight1 never made that tool because the DVD's were phased out right about that time. In order to obtain a DOWNLOAD KEY/PASSWORD please use the FLIGHT1 Ticket system;" rel="nofollow -  reference this thread and request a DOWNLOAD KEY/PASSWORD FOR GEX ASA DVD CONVERSION
4. Once you have the Key/password, download the latest GEX ASA download the latest full version (1.30) of GEX ASA to a folder on the desktop (both files):
Ground Environment X Asia and South America v1.30" rel="nofollow -
MD5: 883ad8d7961c59b8a7f8816dedce10e8                CRC-32: b902b55a" rel="nofollow -
MD5: 8f9eb6060604470104e0ea48375850ed                CRC-32: 4b1d0576
GEX ASA Hash Check Files:" rel="nofollow -  
Once complete Decompress the latest GEX ASA 1.30 using the CLICK HERE TO REINSTALL BUTTON and use your key/password to install into Windows.
Open the GEX interface, confirm it starts and that GEX ASA displays version 1.30. You can opt to go ahead and ENABLE in FSX.
GEX North America should now display version 2.20 is installed
Once complete close the GEX interface.
That's it..  
NOW...  there is an alternate option to downloading the WRAPPER FILES I posted above (2 files for each product linked above) Where ever I posted above to download and install from the 2 wrapper files..   you CAN USE the Flight1 Purchase Agent tool instead.." rel="nofollow -
That will allow you to obtain/download and install any Flight1 product including GEX regions WITHOUT the need for wrappers or multiple file downloads. Simply use that tool where ever I said to download above and skip the download links. That tool will also allow you to REFRESH your license files without having to run the older wrappers


Posted By: gmcraib
Date Posted: June-02-2020 at 4:05am
Hi Nick,
Thank you for the comprehensive reply.  I will follow these steps to update GEX Europe first and then attempt the GEX Asia.  I won't touch GEX NA until after GEX Asia provides the later update.
In the meantime I can confirm there is a license key issue as I tried to convert DVD license to download yesterday and it said it was invalid.  I don't understand this as the software is genuine and it is the key provided in the box.
But will raise a ticket to resolve.

Posted By: gmcraib
Date Posted: June-02-2020 at 1:21pm
Success, thank you very much.
I have now installed all my GEX & UTX products.
(GEX NA, EU, Asia, Tropics) (UTX USA, Canada, Europe)
Will download GEX middle east soon and update the others to the latest.
With that in mind I install the same method (eg using latest versions/downloads & associated serials) in future rebuild?
Also can I safely move the license key saved in C:\Flight 1 to either storage or FSX drive?
I will also defrag FSX drive.

Posted By: NickN
Date Posted: June-02-2020 at 2:27pm
Use the same key/password in the future.
NEVER MOVE the license keys. You can move the installers from that folder but the license keys which take up no space at all must remain in the C:\Flight One Software directory


Posted By: gmcraib
Date Posted: June-04-2020 at 9:06am
Ok Nick, thanks for that will leave them put.
Was more for purpose of housekeeping and SSD read/writes than sheer size.
Have installed/re-installed a few other Flight 1 products and all I can say is that FSX is so much better!
So much so that I'm enjoying FSX so much I am reluctant to re-install windows (was treating this as a test build until then), I may just limp along for a bit long (non FSX issues in windows mean I need to re-install).

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