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Window sizing/positioning problems

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Topic: Window sizing/positioning problems
Posted By: ahinterl
Subject: Window sizing/positioning problems
Date Posted: June-16-2003 at 10:16am
In FS Panel Studio, everything looks fine most of the time.

But when loading FS2002, I always experience problems with windows positioning and -sizing of windows other that the main window (those I need to avtivate via shift+number or an icon).

When I comment out the "windows_size..." line in the respective panel.cfg (outside of FS Panel Designer to avoid the program to insert the line again) so that only size_mm is left for the windows size definition, it works in FS2002 (but leaves the problem with the improper windows positioning).

Some panel.cfg's seem to work with the windows_size line in, though (don't know why some do and some don't).

In addition to that, I edited a panel yesterday, closed FS Panel Studio, deleted the windows_size lines for some windows in notepad, saved the file, re-opened it in FS Design-Studio, and made some minor changes in gauge posisioning. The file FS Design Studio created then inserted the missing windows_size lines with values different from those of size_mm, I needed to adjust this by hand.

Am I the only one experiencing these troubles?


Posted By: 89kraus
Date Posted: June-16-2003 at 12:08pm

First, make sure you have checked FS2000+ for the windows in the Window -> Size & Possision area.  (I think that's the area it's in.  I'll double check when I get home.)  The window size area tells FS how large you want the window to appear, as you may have a background image and gauges that are bigger/smaller than what the window is in mm, and if your going to overlay the image to something, you want to be able to get it exactly right.  From within that size and possision area, you can tell it where you want it to be and what size you want it.

The only time I've ever had a problem was with my FSD gmax commander 115TC, where I added a CD player gauge into a seperate window.  In FS, if I was running in windowed mode, it was where I wanted it, but when I switched to full screen mode, it was on the opposite side, and slightly more vertical than it should have been.  I assumed that it was something to do with my changing from 1152 x 864 to 1024 x 768 resolution associated with the full screen action.  Other than that I've been trouble free.

Joe Kraus

Posted By: ahinterl
Date Posted: June-17-2003 at 9:49am
I checked this, the setting is for FS2000+.

The problem occurs e.g. when I try to put Jetline gauges onto separate windows (for pop-up purposes). In FS Panel Shop, everything looks okay (windows size, gauge display, window position).

In FS2002, the gauge is too wide and too low (lower border is off screen) and improperly placed on the x-axis (e.g. when I position 2 gauges side by side in the Panel Shop, they partly overlap in FS2002).

The problem is instantly gone if I delete the "windows_size" and "position" lines of that window in panel.cfg.

What is curious that sometimes after placing these lines back in, everything is still ok (but most of the time gauge placement gets wrong again this way).

Another thing is that once these lines are deleted and FS Panel Shop creates them again, the values for the windows_size variable sometimes doesn't match that of the size_mm variable!

I don't see another way for me to design my additional pop up windows the traditional way (load the aircraft, look what's wrong, edit panel.cfg, re-load the aircraft again, test etc.).


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