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Reporting Weather Anomalies

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Topic: Reporting Weather Anomalies
Posted By: Opus Software
Subject: Reporting Weather Anomalies
Date Posted: September-02-2012 at 2:35am
If you come across any anomalies relating to the Live Weather Engine (LWE) you would like us to check out then please use either the following or alternate procedure listed below  ...
Pause the sim and immediately take a copy of your c:\OpusFSX\Themes\OpusWeather.txt file. This file contains all the downloaded METARs used to construct your weather grid. I am able to import these same METARs using the 'Import METAR Data From File' option within the weather dialog, and hence recreate your exact wearther. Albeit using different cloud and sky textures.
Make a note of your Dynamic Weather Settings in the Weather dialog. Disabled Cirrus, fog efects, mist effects, max surface vis setting, refresh rate and distance etc.
Make a note of where you are flying, the current weather grid covers and area of 300 x 300 miles and the weather is very localised and detailed. It is not like I can just take off anywhere in this grid and see the same as you saw. If you are not sure at least let me know what airport you took off from, what direction you was heading and approximately how far you had flown.
Email me all the above details and accompanying OpusWeather.txt file, accompanied with a screen shot if you can, but a description will do fine." rel="nofollow -
Of course please make sure you have disabled your REX or AS2012 weather engines and in addition disabled/removed all their visibility and fog effects.
Alternate Reporting Method ...
If you are on the ground at an airport then it is perfectly acceptable to send just or post the nearest METAR statement which is most likely the airport's own weather report.
If you wish, post your METAR anomaly here and we will check it out. Thumbs Up

Posted By: Opus Software
Date Posted: March-14-2013 at 6:07pm
If your query is to do with general lower and upper atmospheric conditions (winds and temperatures) then you can also post or email your OpusWeatherReport.txt file which lists all the GRIB raw and adjusted forecast data along with all targets from FL040 upwards.


Posted By: Opus Software
Date Posted: August-11-2013 at 1:12am
Recommended Settings and Practice ...

Upgrade to the latest Release or Beta Version.
Set all Defaults in all weather dialogs. *
Specify your Destination.
Specify your Max Cruise Altitude. **
Update the Weather. ***
Check the Weather ****

* This should enable the Adjust Options Automatically and the Adjust Sim Friendly options in the Weather dialog.

** If you specify a Cruise Altitude of 6000 feet or more the LWE will download and process the GRIB forecast data from NOAA.

*** If GRIB data is downloaded then the Opus Upper Atmosphere Report will be automatically displayed showing the progress of your GRIB data download and processing. If you have specified Background GRIB Processing in the Downloads dialog then the GRIB data extraction and lengthy decoding will proceed at a slower pace and can take several minutes. Otherwise the processing will be done as fast as possible at the expense of FSX performance or frame rates. The GRIB data is only downloaded once before flight and the decoded data will be valid all day or at least for nine hours so this is normally not a concern or problem. However, most user need GRIB data for flight planning and preparation.

**** Before flight you should get into the habit of checking the weather. At the very least display and check the Opus Local, Lower, Upper, and Destination Weather reports. You may also like to examine the various Opus text reports accessed via the FSX Addon menu. There are separate reports showing the downloaded METARs, all the GRIB wind and temperature targets from 4000 feet up to FL540, all the en route weather for any specified flight plan including TAFs if you have enabled them, and finally an easy reference to all relevant SIDs and STARs. This report gives a handy direction and bearing for each listed SID and STAR.

The Opus weather reports (e.g. The Destination Weather) should be checked during climb and descent to monitor all wind and temperature targets, compared with the actual FSX ambient conditions. This way you will know that your sim is operating as expected.

Never disable weather updates, FSX will NOT cope on its own it simply cannot contain all the necessary data.

Test Weather Reports, located in the OpusFSX\Themes folder and accessed via the FSX Addon menu ...

OpusWeather.txt ... The downloaded METARs
OpusWeatherReport.txt ... The GRIB data report
OpusFlightReport.txt ... The flight plan en route weather report
OpusSIDSTARReport.txt ... The relevant SIDs and STARs

Live Weather Assistant (LWA) and Weather Map data ...

Surface QNH
Surface Winds
Surface Temperatures
Surface Visibility
Cruise Level Winds
Cruise Level Temperatures
Lower Level Cloud Cover
Met Station Cover

The LWA and up to six weather maps can be displayed on the server or a networked client.


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